The Emergence Of Participatory Cultures Will Enable Deep Social Changes

1717 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 7 Pages
“The emergence of participatory cultures will enable deep social changes,” said Howard Rheingold. Participatory culture lends the exchange of diverse perspectives, community involvement, and empowerment through online platforms for social groups. Social media activism—as seen in the Ozgecan Aslan case against gender-based violence in Turkey on Twitter—and YouTube—transitioning from amateur to professional, revenue-targeted content—depict how participatory culture has revolutionized the way new ideas are exposed. In particular, the Ozgecan Aslan social media activism movement has effectively fostered tangible political and social change in the Turkish government, whereas YouTube has transformed advertising in consumerism worldwide. Ozgecan Aslan lost her life February of 2015 while taking the bus home when the bus driver “veered into the woods and proceeded to bludgeon her with a crowbar, stab her to death, and cut off her hands to hide the evidence” (Khazan) when she resisted rape. Ozgecan Aslan was a college student in Turkey and a victim of gender-based violence (GBV). Aslan’s case sparked an online movement via Twitter where women in Turkey and around the world came together through tweets to voice the issue of violence against women. Aslan was completely innocent; she was merely a bus passenger who was on route to return home. The lack of alibi in her case inspired women to unite and engage in fighting against GBV because they realized it could have been any other…

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