The Electoral System Of The United States And Pakistan Essay

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Democracy is a political system by which the citizens of a nation elect representatives to establish the laws and order of society on their behalf. The political systems of the United States and Pakistan, though both considered ‘democratic’, can be distinguished in many different aspects. Differences on the democratic spectrum between the United States and Pakistan can be found compared in their electoral systems, freedoms of the press, speech, and religious practice. The electoral systems of the United States and Pakistan differ to an extent. In Pakistan, the qualities an individual must possess in order to qualify for candidacy in a presidential race are that they practice the Muslim faith, are at least forty-five years of age, and that they are eligible to be elected as a member of the National Assembly. From there, the candidate is selected through indirect elections by an Electoral College. In an indirect election, eligible voters do not directly elect the candidate but rather elect individuals who will make the decision on their behalf. Pakistan’s Electoral College is comprised of members of the Senate, National Assembly, and all encompassing Provincial Assemblies, which represent the voters of an electoral district. Once the polls have closed, the concluding results are determined by counting the votes cast by the Senate, National Assembly, and the Provincial Assembly together to determine the outcome. Once the president is sworn into office, their term runs for five…

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