The Electoral College Is An Outdated And Unrealistic System Essay

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The Times They Are a Changing (But Not the Electoral College)
Modern society has made many advances since the eighteenth century. For example, burning a witch at the stake, a common eighteenth century practice, is no longer socially acceptable. If a woman were accused of witchcraft today, in the twenty-first century, that claim would almost instantly be dismissed as insane. If the powers at be did see sane reason to pursue this claim, there is now a proper legal system that has evolved over hundreds of years. For the record, this legal system does not include a human barbecue in town square. Society has evolved to an extreme, but our electoral system has not. In modern society, we put our trust in a group of people called the electoral college. A practice from a time when witches roamed the streets inflicting havoc on those who live there. The electoral college is an outdated and unrealistic system that caters to eighteenth century federalist America and is detrimental to modern democracy. The electoral college gives too much power to the government, overlooks equal representation, and creates loopholes that do not serve to help America thrive.
The Electoral College, What the Heck is That?
The electoral college is a group of five hundred and thirty-eight people who, every four years, decide our country 's president and vice president. This number is created by taking the House of Representatives (four hundred and thirty-eight members elected per state based upon population),…

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