The Election Of The Electoral College Essay

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In 1787, our founding fathers established a system in our constitution called the Electoral College. This system permitted eligible and competent citizens, who use the national popular voting system, to compromise with the votes of Congress in the election of the President and the Vice President of the United States. Although the Electoral College has been in place for more then two hundred years, there are a number of conflicting opinions about whether or not it should be eliminated and replaced.
The way the Electoral College functions is American voters would vote for an elector, who in turn would vote for specific candidates. Each state has electors that equal to the amount of U.S. senators, which is two, plus the total amount of U.S. representatives. The total of electors vary per state depending on the number of U.S. representatives each state has. The overall process in selecting the electors does differ, but overall the responsibility of the nomination for the electors falls on State legislatures. Most electors are individuals who are tied to the political ring and who remain politically active in their chosen party. They may include, for example, someone who is a Democrat and has personal connections with a presidential candidate, an activist for a certain political party, or even elected officials of the state. There are no detailed qualification requirements listed in the Constitution to become an Electoral College member, but it does mention what excludes someone…

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