The Election Of The Electoral College Essay examples

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In the United States the president is elected not through direct-popular vote nor through congress but instead through the Electoral College. The Electoral College is a very unique and complex way to elect a head of state.
There are two stages of a presidential election, the first stage is the primaries. During the primaries candidates are campaigning to be the party nomination and represent their party affiliation. But an Independent campaigning has to gather signatures on a petition to be put on the ballot. Depending on which state a voter lives in determines whether or not they vote in open primaries, where any registered voter can participate regardless of party affiliation, or closed primaries, where only registered members of a particular party can vote thus leaving out independent voters. The second step in the election is the general election. This is held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November. The general elections are used to determine the winner of the election, to an extent. In the United States the winner isn’t the candidate who gets the most votes, but it often is, it is the candidate that gets 270 or more electoral votes. The direct vote in each state is used to determine which candidate that states electoral votes go to.
The number of electoral votes a state has is determined by the number of senators and the number of house representatives that state has. So larger states have more electoral votes. But smaller states tend to have a lower…

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