Essay on The Eight Signs Indicating The Deity Of Jesus

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The Eight Signs Indicating the Deity of Jesus
The term miracle according to (Quirk 2008) is derivational of the Latin word “miraculum” signifying something that elicits a reaction of wonderment or marvel. However, to characterize the phenomena and adequately grasp the very essence of human experience attracts consideration in regards to our lack of comprehension of the extraordinary in the New Testament. As a result, it is significant to consider the divers Greek words in the New Testament used to define the term miracle to establish its connotation. Albeit, according to (Towns 2002), “there are five plural Greek words used to describe miracles: terata (“wonders”), erga (“works”), thaumasia (“wonderful things”), dunameis (“powers”), and sémeia (“signs”),” the Gospels only employs two of these usages in their context. Nevertheless, the context we will exploit in this report is sémeia (“signs”), mentioned in John to signify eight miraculous spiritual signs conveying the divine power of Jesus. The first of these signs recorded in the Gospel of John, authenticating the divine presence of God in Jesus, was in John 2:1-11, when He transformed water into wine, while attending a nuptial ceremony in Cana. Moreover, this particular miraculous presentation was a beneficial step for the disciples to believe, while signifying, “His power over creation.” In fact, this sign demonstrates the inherent power of Jesus, which is in direct correlation with Genesis 1:1-31, whereas God…

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