The Effects Of World War II On The Holocaust Essay

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World War II has substantially affected a variety of people. The diversified groups included the Jewish population, Gypsies, mentally disabled, etc. (The Holocaust 4). The lives of the Jewish people were mainly impacted the most in the time of World War II. An example from the book, “Collected Essays on War, Holocaust and the Crisis of Communism”, it states, “To address this subject one needs to contend with yet another sort of marginality, due to the fact that information provided by Jews about the fate they suffered during the war has often been viewed with incredulity” (Gross 79). The effects World War II had on the Jews was unemployment, internment in concentration camps, starvation, and discrimination. There were other effects, but these are shown to be the most important. Even before World War II the Nazis had a grip on all of those deemed unimportant, such as Jewish, Communists, and social democrats (The Holocaust 3). At first, people who were not of “Aryan descent,” feared only for their jobs and their race. They had no idea what was to come in just a few years. Jewish people had everyday jobs just as the Germans did. The Germans stripped Jewish doctors and lawyers from their clients, and sold all of the Jewish-owned businesses (The Holocaust 3). There was a trusted colleague of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, who was responsible for a boycott on Jewish-owned businesses, as well as forcing Jewish actors, musicians, newspaper editors, artists, and directors into…

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