The Effects Of Winter On My Heart Essay

829 Words Dec 9th, 2015 4 Pages
When the leaves have just about taken over the ground with a fiery, warm essence, I know it’s time I allow myself to indulge. The season is just around the corner, so it’s not torture to watch todays New Schooler’s post, “Nick Keefer: No Chimneys in PC” or “Skiing’s Baddest Bitch Joins Virtika”. It’s finally a measurable time before the air begins to flutter down white flakes of comfort. There is something so peaceful about winter that many people seem to just not understand. Ok, yes. It can be brutally chilling when you step outside into the -4 degree morning air, but that’s why you don’t wake up before the sun has fully risen and warmed the surface. The temperature will be slightly more forgiving at 10am, a whopping 10 degrees freezing. Winter has a special place in my heart making it easier to compromise with chilled days and its imperfections. Winter has imprinted cracks on my heart, that have since been patched over with a change of perspective on the world, bringing me the most comfort and security I’ve ever known. I have learned to love without judgment, Like many disabled athletes;Change is the biggest motivator in my life, but it is also my greatest set back. If my mother were here she would say a stupid cliche line like, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger,Colb.” My family depended on winter’s in Utah growing up. Both my parents were devoted professional skiers, without snow they wouldn’t be who they were. They came from a long line of skiers. Only a…

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