The Effects Of Violent Video Games On Teenagers Essay

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Countless times violent video games are regarded as atrocious or appalling, but it can be used as an exceptional tool especially for teenagers. A few examples of violent video games which could be used as tools are Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and Halo. There are more violent video games I haven’t listed which can be used as tools, but these are the most popular games in the market to show their usefulness. These types of games include heavy violence such as killing, shooting, and stealing where the player perform these actions to advance their objective in a particular game and get rewarded for doing these actions. In these games, acting in an uncivil manner is acceptable, but in reality it’s condemned to exhibit these behaviors in public. In most cases, violent video games don’t affect teenagers, from ages 12-17, negatively in their daily lives except for a few exceptions. For instance, juvenile crime rates have considerably decreased as sales of violent games increased significantly, violent video games are excellent stress relievers for teenagers, they promote socialization for teenagers to prepare for society, and helps develop morality in order to create a moral compass.
To begin with, juvenile crime rates significantly decreased as sales increased for violent video games. For example, the sales of popular violent games captivate teenagers so much they rather engage in these activities than illicit actions where there’s the chance of imprisonment. Also,…

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