The Effects Of Violent Media On Aggression Essays

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Using levels of analysis to understand the influence of violent media on aggression


The levels of analysis framework is used in psychology to understand that there are different ways of understanding human behaviours and the way humans act with others in the community. The levels of analysis focus of three defining factors; the biological level which focus on the way the brain functions and responds to signals in the body. The psychological level which focuses on feelings, thoughts, behaviours and motivations and the environmental/social level which looks at the way a person acts in society through past and current experiences.

The levels of analysis framework can be used to understand the effects of media violence on aggression through the reading of Anderson, Potter, Passer and Smith, and Myers. The level of analysis framework can be used to analyse people’s behaviours and how media violence effects their aggression through the psychological framework of the three defining factor of the biological level, the psychological level and the environmental/social level.

Overview of findings on effects of media violence on aggression

There are many factors that influence media violence on aggression. We need to take into account active versus passive media, the long term and short term effects and also the subtle effects of media violence on aggression.

Television, movie violence and video game violence both have different effects on aggression. Anderson…

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