The Effects Of Video Games On Young People 's Behavior Essay

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Video Game Violence We all know people who play violent video games, we ourselves may have played a an aggressive game at least one time in our life span. But are we aware of the impact of playing long hours of brutal video games have on young people. Exposure to excessive violence makes youth believe it 's acceptable to practice violent actions. Although some parent may believe violent videos games doesn 't affect young people 's behavior, however spending several hours playing aggressive video games can influence young people 's behavior because they are exposed to use of realistic weapons, abuse towards women, and become unresponsive to violent situations. Youth spend several hours playing realistic aggressive video games that influences their behavior. If a child is exposed to realistic weapons for a long period of time think it 's acceptable to use them in the real world. As the Pretoria News mentioned “In Call of Duty, players adopt the role of a soldier killing enemies using realistically modelled machine guns, pistols and grenades.” Children are able to act as soldiers and use realistic weapons that are used on battlefields today. They are able to load, aim, shoot, and set off these firearms in the exact way they are used in the real world all through a game console. As these youth participat with using practical weapons it triggers their brains to believe the video game is real. Spending countless time playing video games can influence youth to conduct mass…

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