Essay about The Effects Of Video Games On The Modern World

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“Gaming in the Modern World”
In the 21st century, technological advancements are becoming more and more prevalent in many countries, especially the United States. Technology can be subdivided into multiple categories such as machines, clothes, and vehicles, the main focus of many people being digital technology. In this case I am referring specifically to video games. The topic of overplaying videogames is quite frequently debated between those who believe video games are a waste of time, and the gamers themselves. Although video games might take up a lot of time, I believe that they should be played more often because they provide entertainment for all ages, immerse players in entirely new worlds, give some players a highly competitive setting, and can often cure severe cases anxiety and depression.
Video games have been around for decades, and even though the age group for gamers is mostly teenagers, there are still hundreds of thousands of players that are both younger and older then the majority. Video games are not limited to a specific age group of young adults like many people think they are. Games like Just Dance for example are often played with the entire family at reunions or just nights where the family all wants to have a good laugh together. Basically all this game does is display a virtual character that is dancing, and the players try to mimic the characters moves as best as possible. Really this game could be played by people of all ages. This is only one of…

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