The Effect Of Tobacco Advertising

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Min Yi Xie

Professor: Dr. Motti Anafi

Assignment 2

NATS 1670

July 10 2017 Tobacco Advertisement

Advertisement as a means of communication is the transmission of information communication function which rapidly transfers a variety of business information to the vast number of consumers, the supply and demand sides and time to communicate. Advertising can guide consumer behavior and promote commodity sales, competition and open up the market and can effectively change the concept of consumer's consumption style making the relationship between production and consumption to promote each other. The effect of Tobacco advertisement on our society is significantly serious as advertising can promote the business activities and product
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Through a variety of media including poster all over the places on the streets, magazines and newspaper, tobacco advertising was very successfully influencing the public. From the beautiful picture coupled with stunning classic beauty, luxury, noble, people imagination to attract consumers and the whole advertising was filled with attractive marketing strategies. Female smoking was also seen as a beauty and elegance, especially in the image of women created in advertising. Smoking was kind of fashion for both men and women 100 years ago. In the past, no matter you were rich or poor, a lot of people were smoking. At that time, the policy to regulate the tobacco advertisement was not so strict. The number of using tobacco was increasing that “43 percent of American who smoked in 1964 comparing to 18 percent today”(Diep, 201 (Luk, 2015)4) because of the lack of knowledge of the bad side of tobacco. Until 50 years late, the government finally declared that smoking caused lung cancer. People finally had the awareness toward the use of tobacco and later the years, the tobacco advertising and promotion was banned at some of …show more content…
Despite the policy to regulate the tobacco regulation, tobacco companies still spend huge sums to promote their products. Tobacco marketing is less visible now because they are banned on television, radio, magazines and newspaper. They are only allowed to sell at the certain place, like convenience store with no show off. However, the tobacco companies still aggressively market their products and always have the greatest impact on kids. In nowadays, the use of tobacco always appears in the drama and the movie plot. According to the research “Youth exposure to Tobacco in Movies in Ontario” by Rita Luk and Robert Schwartz, Movies are very powerful to promote tobacco to youth. The highly exposure to tobacco increases the uptake of smoking among youth. (Luk, 2015) Moreover, tobacco companies pay those convenience stores to ensure that their products are advertising heavily and price cheaply to appeal to kids and current tobacco users. They also increased marketing of smokeless tobacco products by introduced colorfully-package and sweetly-flavored smokeless products like fruited taste flavor to attract more youth to give a try to their addictive products. (Tobacco Industry Watch , 2012). With all these new products, youth can be easily attracted to give a try. The use of tobacco is still the biggest concern to the public and we should have

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