Ban On Tobacco Essay

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Ban on Tobacco Ads by the Government of India

Tobacco has been in world history since the Mayan Indians of Mexico indicated tobacco

use in their carved drawings. “These drawings date back to somewhere between 600 to 900

A.D.,” (Jacobs, 1997). Tobacco made its way into North America and before long, it went all

over the world to many countries. People realized the money that could be made from Tobacco

and found ways to make its use easier and more addictive. “In 1964 the Surgeon General of the

U.S. (the chief doctor for the country) wrote a report about the dangers of cigarette smoking,”

(Jacobs, 1997). However, regardless of the warnings about the harmful effects of Tobacco use,

people are still using it. Many
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People want to be able to make their own decisions, in regards to all aspects of their

freedom. Limiting a person’s rights could enable him or her to seek other unhealthy avenues,

which could cause more harm than good, such as excessively consuming alcohol. When given a

choice, most time people would choose the one that would benefit them and those around them.

This seems to be the case in India, that despite, “being the third largest producer of tobacco in the

world, it has one of the lowest per capita tobacco consumption in the world,” (IBS Center for

Management Research. (2001). This is a fantastic example of allowing people to make their own

decisions in regards to their health, as research indicated that advertisements did not encourage

people to smoke. In most cases, the cause of tobacco use was due to a person’s environment
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The Government of India (GOI) has been caught between some kind of tug-of-war in

whether to ban the advertisement of tobacco use or not. It is only looking out for the health and

welfare of its citizens. However, are they taking away the deciding force from its citizens?

Should a nation of people allow their government to decide how its citizen should live their

lives? With so many arguments for and against tobacco advertising, it’s no wonder tobacco use

continues all over India and the world. At this point, there does not seem to be a balance

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