The Effects Of Texting And Driving On Driving Essay example

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The U.S. department of transportation says that 16% of all road fatalities are caused by distracted drivers, but they do realize that banning cellphone use can only happen at a state local level (“New Cell Phone Technology). Texting and driving is one of the leading causes of distracted driving. Some states are banning the use of cellphones to avoid the distraction while driving, while other states are trying to find new technologies to help reduce accidents from distracted driving. In 2002 cellphone usage while diving killed an estimated 2,600 Americans according to a study done by the Harvard Center for risk analysis (“Texting and Driving is More Risky”). More laws should be set in place to help avoid accidents involving distracted driving; texting and driving is one of the leading causes of accidents involving distracted driving. When behind the wheel drivers become too confident and think that they can handle any type of distraction including texting and driving which is one of the biggest problems out on the road. More people these days have cell phones and are always carrying them around. Some people can’t go five minutes without looking at their phones let alone go a fifteen minute car ride without looking at their phone. Drivers have that temptation to look at their phone when it buzzes, which then causes them to take their eyes off the road and miss any road activity that may be going on. 66% of respondents in a 2007 survey have admitted to being on their phones…

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