Essay on The Effects Of Terrorism And Its Effects On Terrorism

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Effects of Terrorism
The effects on terrorism are horrifying and evil, the thought of someone killing someone else for their beliefs is absurd. The fact is we cannot deny that it does not exist; it is alive and well in the present day. Children and infants are dying because of conflict between nations. The act of war affects the worlds right and mostly of all the human rights.
Terrorism is a use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. To get what you want you have to put fear in the people’s eyes and with the fear power will come and terrorism will place fear in people’s heart and minds. There are a lot of reasons why terrorism exist in the world for power, money, respect and even religion is even a reason for this parasite in the world. With a great leader you can get a nation on your side and support the evils of the world with the right words. The biggest reason for terrorism is because of religion. Fighting for two different beliefs and not coming to an understanding is what creates a dispute between two religions and an action of war has to be taken place. The other reason could be to over throw the high power, whether it is a great nation such as United States of America, Russia, or a country like China these things actually do take place in the world and will forever take place as long there is hate in the world and hate in people’s heart.
This story will never end and will forever continue as long as one gets what it wants. The ambition of one…

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