Essay on The Effects Of Teen Sexuality On The United States

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If grandmother is 35 years old and her granddaughter is pregnant now at the age of 12 years old, that can only mean one thing. The grandmother, mother, and now the granddaughter are all teenage mother. The statistics on teen sexuality in the United States are troubling. About 7 percent of high school students report having had sex before the age of 13. By ninth grade, one-third of high school students have engaged in sexual activity, and by 12th grade, two-thirds.
What causes teens to get sexually active? There are many reason a teen become sexually active some of the top five(5) are; Peer pressure, The desire to be loved, Boredom, Pressure from a partner and Society itself. Asking that question to some of my friends and the one answer I get from them is “Why not does it?”
With today society teens are pressure in so many ways. Most of the time teens watching, reading, and hearing about sex. Sex is the topic the goes around high school. It’s not a secret, “Everybody is doing.” Most teen would tell you the reason why they wanted to have sex was because they thought they was in love, but when it came down to it; it wasn’t love it was just a feeling that the body was feeling in the moment.
Next, you have teens that never experience having the talk about sex with the parent. Most parents are afraid to have the talk with their child about sex. The parent(s) feel that having the talk with the child probably think it would encourage their child to have sex. Then you have some…

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