The Effects Of Teen Pressure On Children

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How much pressure on a child is too much? Parents may want to see their kid succeed, but there comes a point when enough is enough. Parents are supposed to help relieve the stress of their kids, but in fact, 68% of teens say their stress is caused by their parents (TeenHelp 2016). When discussing the topic of pressure on teens and children by parents, Laura Katen states in her article, “Teenage Overload: Are Teens Being Pushed Too Hard”, a story that was shared with her by a witness of parental pressure. Laura says, “One of the principals with whom I work recently told me of a conversation he had with a parent in his school district. The parent was concerned that the math her child was taking was not hard enough. The principal responded that the math was perfectly fine for a kindergartner. The parent was not convinced.” Teen pressure can be a very controversial topic, but I believe there are points in which the topic is both agreeable and disagreeable.
Some people may agree with parents pushing their kids to succeed, but others will disagree and say the parents are pushing the
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However, this is not the only mental effect that takes place. Katen says, “The ensuing effort to find solace and comfort may lead to depression, a dependency on drugs or alcohol, or even an eating disorder.” I agree that the pressure caused by parents creates added stress which may cause depression. Often times, teenagers never feel good enough for their parents; therefore, they feel as if they will never be good enough in anything they pursue in life. What’s the point in trying if you never succeed, right? I also disagree when it is said that parents may cause depression. Even though parents mays push us hard, it’s only because they want the best life possible. The more we learn about failure, the more likely we are to succeed. Failure is always a good lesson, however, some teens may take failure too hard upon

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