The Effects Of Stress On The Stress Essay

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Stress. The word itself can start someone’s heart into a beating frenzy. Thousands of Americans across the nation struggle with overcoming their stress and even I am not fortunate enough to not fall under this statistic. In spite of the fact that stress itself is unavoidable, the long term effects of a stressful life should not be. Although many Americans such as myself currently struggles with the overbearing burdens of stress, I want to understand the importance of finding healthy methods to relieve stress.
Stress is a serious mental problem that is often overlooked. When I am faced with any event that my mind perceived as a foreboding danger, the stress causes my body to flood with hormones responsible for dealing with the increase heart rate, blood pressure, energy, and my ability to “deal with the problem” (American Psychological Association). But I cannot stress it enough that stress is not as simple as a heart pounding as one awkwardly awaits a first date or a job interview. It is a defense mechanism that, although originally designed to help our ancestors avoid predators, have become so common that for a while now I did not seem seems to find anything wrong with feeling the need to pull out hair as I struggle with trying to find a jobs, pay school bills, and ignoring an economy that is spiraling downwards. Stress is so common that it is not shocking that of ”44% of adults report that their stress level has increased in the past 5 years”, many of them can agreed on…

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