Anxiety: Cause From Nervousness, Fear, Apprehension, And Attacks

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Anxiety is a general term for several disorders that can be caused from nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worry. Anxiety disorders can affect how a person feels and behaves in everyday life. Anxiety can range from being mild, which is just having an unsettling or vague feeling, or it could be so severe that it can be extremely deliberating and have a serious impact on a person’s life.
“Over forty million americans suffer from some type of anxiety disorder”( Legg, Timothy J. “Stress and Anxiety.Healthline). People most often experience a general state of worry of fear by something challenging such as: a test, work, family or health issues. These feelings can be easily justified and considered normal, but when the fear or worry continues
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“ Panic disorders are another main type of anxiety characterized by brief sudden attacks of intense terror”(Carbonell,David.”Panic Disorder:Solving the Tricks of Anxiety Attacks).Panic attacks can cause a person to shake, be in fear, have shortness of breath, and feel dizzy, confused, and nauseated. “Panic attacks are intense episodes of fear which are so powerful that trick you into thinking fearing that you are dying or about to faint and that you lost control of yourself in some viral way”(Carbonell,David.”Panic Disorder:Solving the Tricks of Anxiety Attacks).Panic attacks usually occurs after having a frightening experience or prolonged stress, however, they can be spontaneous …show more content…
The physical symptoms can range from headaches, restless sleeping, rapid breathing, muscle tension and sweating. These are the symptoms that are noticeable to people or what people know what to look for when dealing with anxiety.”the physical symptoms are partly caused by the brain which send messages down the nerves to various parts of the body”(patientinfo).You release hormones when you are anxious into the bloodstream that then goes out to the major body parts that make them speed up or down. Unlike the physical symptoms, there are the emotional symptoms. Emotional symptoms are harder for others to see. The symptoms can be irrational anger build up, mood swings, and depression. These are the symptoms that are more noticeable to the person going through the disorders or mental

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