The Effects Of Stress On The Human Body Essay

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Stresses are psychology and physical effect on the human body. In physics, stress is defined as a pressure or force exerted on a body. smashing car to another is the best example of physical stress. As in psychology, stress is a reaction to a stimulus that disturbs our physical and mental equilibrium. In another word, stress is the disturbance of physical and psychological to perform the job. Psychologists define stress as the demand made on an organism to adapt, cope, or adjust. Some stress is healthful and necessary to keep us alert and occupied. Stress directly or indirectly have the major impact on physical and emotional function on the body. Stress might contribute the minor or major disorder on the human body. There are many areas of stress. Money and work are a major cause of stress. Another area of stress is finance, relationship, health. Small misunderstanding on relationship cause the stress to the individual. Financial situations of family or individual in one of the major area of stress. Due to low income or poverty individual must work overtime or have no longer work cause stress directly on their health. Poor health or any other health condition leads to stress. Individual think about their health or family which might cause stress. They might think insurance will pay for their hospital visit or not, how to pay for that if not, how will be the health condition on later future, all those cause future. Job work load, the pressure of peer on work and…

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