The Effects Of Stress On Teens With Stress Essay

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Stress is something everyone has dealt with it once in his or her life. It could be cause from work, college, a relationship, or other issues. Some might think stress only affects adults, but that’s wrong. A recent study showed teens deal with stress too. Stress isn’t good at all for anybody, and stress is affecting the health of the person who’s under stress. This is important because if you are part of a percentage of people who suffer from stress. You need to learn of ways to calm the stress because it will affect your life negatively.
The research conducted online by Harris Interactive Inc., included about 1,018 teens and 1,950 adults were involved in the research. The research experiment directed to see; if the stress levels of teens rivals that of adults stress levels. Each person was interviewed and ask a multiple occasion of questions like “do you stress out in school” then they take down there answers. They also research, if stress was affecting their health like sleep, exercise, and eating. Of course, they also interview them and ask them questions about their health. For example, while under stress do you likely sleep less or more?
The results of adult and teens rivaling against stress level displayed that it fluctuated between both. In some cases, teens were under more stress then adults. As it states in the article, “Teens report that their stress level during school year far exceeds … [the] adults’ average reported stress levels” (Survey Shows Teen Stress…

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