Essay about The Effects Of Stress On Mental Health

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The Cost of Stress
Many people know that stress is the cause for many mental and physical health problems. However, knowing what stress is and what it can specifically cause is very important. Almost everyone has stress in their lives, but people with prolonged stress are at a higher risk for mental and physical diseases and illnesses. Stress can affect your everyday life through your mental health and physical health through disease and many other factors. Stress affects mental health via behavior, cognitive abilities, and emotional health. Stress affects physical health via most, if not all of the body’s systems for example, integumentary, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and nervous systems.
To begin with, defining stress and why it’s important is critical. Stress, according to Bruce McEwen, means any type of pressure or difficulty whether it’s physical or mental. Stress is something that people deal with everyday. Sometimes stress is even auspicious.Stress can help you be successful in some situations. For example, stress can help people perform better under certain circumstances. Pressure to do better in sports or academics can lead to good stress and good results. Stress can make you work harder. However, negative and prolonged stress is the main subject that will be covered. Knowing when stress becomes negative is imperative, because that is when it become detrimental to one’s health.
Furthermore, too much stress can become harmful to your mental health in these…

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