The Effects Of Stress On A Person 's Life Essay

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Stress is something all people deal with at some point in their life, making it important to understand. The main causes for stress are usually related to relationship difficulties, work, school, and major life changes. Stress can lead to heart attacks, low performance, lack of focus, loss of sleep, and many more negative effects. Depression is one of the most common effects among most people. Relationship difficulties cause a lot of stress in a person’s life. Having problems like these can lead to a lack of focus on everyday tasks, followed by bad performance despite a person’s efforts to do well. A boy who has been very close to both his father and mother all his life is going to be very stressed when he discovers his parents are going through a divorce. The frightening thought of not being with both parents will probably be more important at the time than a teacher’s lesson on the Roman Empire, but when the test on this lesson comes around his stress will accumulate because he will not feel prepared. This is not in any way the boy’s fault but he is not less affected by it. Work and school is dreaded by most people because of the large amounts of stress it brings. Some of the effects that come from working or being a student are exhaustion, lack of sleep, less time with loved ones, and less personal time. My experience as a freshman college student this far has been very stressful. Balancing time has been one of my biggest problems. I want to do my best in all my…

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