The Effects Of Spanking On College Students From The South And Northeast

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Clifton Flynn did his research study on the different attitudes of spanking in college students from the south and northeast. Surveys were distributed among the students asking their experiences of getting spanked, their evaluations of their punishments, and their attitudes toward spanking. Over 90% of American parents spank their children and are in favor of spanking their children (Flynn, 1994; Straus, 1991; Wauchope and Straus, 1990). Most studies of spanking in the past rely on parents ' reports of spanking and effects from spanking. College students are able to recall events from their past much quicker since their memories of spanking were only a few years ago as opposed to adults where it could be decades when they were spanked (Flynn, 1996). Yet, students that experienced difficult years may not have memories that can be trusted as they can be exaggerated or full of resentment towards the parents (Flynn, 1996). The study expects that attitudes may be influenced by cultural factors and behaviors explained by socioeconomic factors (Flynn, 1996).
Flynn picked 270 students from the University of New Hampshire and 285 students from the University of South Carolina to be participants in his study. Students from both schools were in introductory sociology and psychology classes and completed a ten page survey during the class period. The survey was split into numerous parts, including sections on Demographics, experiences with being spanked, reactions and thoughts…

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