The Effects Of Social Networking On Relationships Essay

736 Words Oct 20th, 2015 3 Pages
As technology continues to advance, romantic relationships are continuously challenged to evolve and adapt with media. Many issues arise with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These sites may generate jealousy, uncertainty and questioning of satisfaction within a relationship. The authors’ purpose was to research the relationship between FB relationship maintenance behavior and satisfaction, uncertainty, and jealousy in relationships. The authors’ first hypothesis is that prosocial FB maintenance is related positively to relationship satisfaction. They formed this hypothesis by looking at previous studies conducted by Canary & Stafford, 1992; Dainton, 2003; and Stafford & Canary, 1991. In both Stafford & Canary’s and Dainton’s experiments, which were conducted face-to-face, evidence was found to support the authors hypothesis. Since the hypothesis supported face-to-face interaction, they assume that the same will be seen through Facebook. (Stewart, Dainton, Goodboy) The second hypothesis the authors formed was that online FB monitoring is related negatively to relationship satisfaction. They used previous studies to find that many participants used FB monitoring as a maintenance strategy for their relationship. Dainton and Gross found that online surveillance is a negative maintenance behavior. It was found that it is more acceptable to monitor someone online, which leads to the action being more frequent. Hypothesis three states that…

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