What Is Facebook A Bad Influence?

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Is Facebook a bad influence?

“The human need for social interaction is well established” (Ethan Kross, 2013); the development of social networking sites has rapidly altered the way in which individuals communicate. With approximately 1.55 billion, active users, researchers have recently started to investigate the influence of Facebook. Such research has highlighted detrimental effects such as the prolonged use of Facebook being a strong predictor of loneliness and declines in subjective well-being.
Due to how dominant the use of Facebook within today’s society, it is essential to understand its effects as they are relatively unknown. Existing research still provides a mixed account on both its positive and negative effects, particularly amongst
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The most damaging influence seems to highlight a risk group of young adults, as this demographic is arguably more exposed to Facebook’s influence. The easy accessibility of Facebook has shown to have a significantly negative influence on academic grades and self- esteem due to the use of mediation online. Research highlights the difference between an online and offline persona, which arguably may cause issues surrounding identity and self-esteem. Furthermore, such research allow interventions such as promoting the moderated use of Facebook or incorporating study techniques with online methods to engage students further.

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