Facebook Self Esteem

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The establishment of Facebook in February of 2004 started to transform lives of million users. Since then, there has been an overwhelming use of this social networking site with 995 million active users logging in on any given day(Facebook as cited in Tagzhini, 2013). This undeniable popularity have penetrated daily lives of million users who spent hours a day, to be socially connected and exposed in the niche provided by Facebook. Pew Research Center (2013) showed that 71% of Facebook users agree that social media is important in their lives(as cited in Chang, 2014, p. 79). With these facts on hand, some aspects of personality, such as self-esteem and self-disclosure— may have been affected. But how do we explain the interaction between Facebook …show more content…
1). This is very particular in the context of Facebook wherein a user is presented in a manner that is either ideal or unpleasant— a platform for scrutiny of other people online, and in turn affects user’s self-esteem. According to Tazghini(2013), self-esteem is the extent to which one prizes, approves, likes, or values oneself(p. 827). It is the evaluation of one’s self relative to others, and grounded in the acceptance and recognition of other people. The degree of impact on user’s self-self-esteem varies depending on how a person present and post something about itself. Positive, encouraging, and appealing posts and photos about a user enhance self-esteem. Forest (2012) suggest that more positivity in one’s update is better liked by other people( p. 300). For instance, taking selfies(photos of oneself while holding a camera or smartphone) and using photo-editing applications to improve the quality, as well as posting status updates like ‘quote of the day’ which generate likes and comments. A user can feel acknowledgement and approval from other people through liking and commenting on one’s post, hence, improving self-esteem. In one study, Gonzales and Hancock (2010) found that when a person is exposed to one’s Facebook profile especially when a person edits information …show more content…
Users can present the “hoped-for-possible selves” on Facebook as it serves as an ideal environment( Mehdizadeh, 2010; Zhao, Grasmuck & Marin, 2008 as cited in Wang & Stefanone, 2013, p. 440). Having low self-esteem motivates individuals in using Facebook as they try to compensate whatever seem difficult in offline setting. Tazghini (2013) found that greater sense of belongingness to the Facebook community, easier communication, and establishing deeper relationship with new friends are associated with low self-esteem (pp. 830-831). By joining various Facebook groups that share the same interests, talking through chat, and posting updates or photos that can initiate a conversation with a friend are possible ways to get connected with other people. The comfort people with low self-esteem feel in the low-risk environment, Facebook, could make it a great place for them to enrich their relationships by sharing things they other would not( Forest, 2012, p. 300). Opportunities found in Facebook help individuals with low self-esteem and in turn, increase the likelihood of using

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