Negative Effects Of Facebook On Society

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I don’t like the way we communicate. Because, of popularity Facebook has become the standard. I see a decline in effective and empathic communication. It is easier for us to post about something rather than go sit with a friend whom is having a hard time. The biggest cost I see over and over is a loss of intimate communication. Social creatures by nature, human contact, and bounding are all suffering as well and the skills needed to be well rounded adults. Although, some may argue that a heartfelt posts the same thing, and it’s an easy fast way to stay in touch. However, Facebook is in fact damaging our culture in many ways; almost as if face-to-face interaction is outdated.
In addition, it’s waste of time and just spawns more hate, because you have no connection to the person on the
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It feels like part of those social cues get lost with the over use of Facebook; you don’t see the smile or half smirk that you do while sitting with someone. I feel like we are losing the best part of communicating with our peers, the body langue, facial expressions and extremely valuable interpersonal skills. Facebook has in many ways become the preferred way of communication. I have almost three-hundred friends on my Facebook account, I too play into this to some extent. I do still prefer the good old-fashioned telephone call or in-person meeting, over Facebook.
Facebook gives us the illusion that we are connected, but, in reality, it is extremely isolating. We are spending more time hiding who and what we are from the world, so that we can build up this ideal of who we are online. A good example of this is with pictures of ourselves that are never in a bad light or, in some cases, photo-shopped, all the while we are getting further away from who we really

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