Essay on The Effects Of Social Media On Society 's Society

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Digitalisation has overcome today 's society. Digitalisation is the everyday use of technology. People are not born addicted to anything, it’s the lifestyle lived that makes people addicted. Addiction to social media comes with being attached to technology. The current generation is attached to technology, causing teens to become addicted to social media. Social media ruins teens body image and self-esteem. Body image is how people think and feel about their body; self- esteem is how people think and feel about themselves (Gallivan, slide 1). Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter are the most well known apps where you can post and communicate. Teenage girl’s self-esteem and body image is lowered through social media because of bullying. The issue with social media is that kids can get away with bullying, get attention for it, and then make others feel ashamed. Gossip is false statements about another person, typically in a conversation. Nowadays, communication is through technology. Therefore, social media is the spot for gossip. Jennifer Cole says, “there are four main functions of gossip: influence of others, provision of information, provision of entertainment and facilitation of social bonding (Cole, 253)”. The issue with social media is that it is rewarding and entertaining. The people who are bullying get the attention they want, people are noticing them which makes the bully feel great, all while providing entertainment for others. There are a variety of…

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