The Effects Of Snacking On A Person 's Health Essay

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Snacking has become a major part of many peoples lives, is this a good thing? The primary purpose of snacking is to take the edge off pre-mealtime hunger without exceeding your everyday caloric intake. Mindful snacking is eating a nutritious, properly-portioned snack when hunger strikes which can boost a person’s intake of essential nutrients and health-promoting food substances such as fiber and antioxidants. Careless snacking can easily take you over your daily energy requirements while providing little to no nutritional benefit, a practice that can contribute to the development of a range of health problems (“Bad Effects of Snacking”). Snacking can affect a person’s weight gain, health repercussions, tooth decay, and metabolism rates. The first effect on a person’s health is weight gain because most snacking occurs out of habit, boredom, stress or frustration rather than out of hunger. Constant snacking also adds more to a person’s daily calorie intake and can result in excess weight.This is very difficult in the college setting because there is many times that students are stressed and frustrated with work. Many students go toward the unhealthy snacks, that contain “empty calories” which really just means calories that do not have any nutritional value. Another thing that students are more likely to go grab is the sugary and caffeine filled drinks. Although many students feel they need them to stay awake and alert it is hurting their nutrition. The drinks contain a…

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