The Effects Of Smoking On People And The Environment Essay

1485 Words Dec 8th, 2014 6 Pages
The harms of smoking have become more popular around the world. Global health organizations have discussed many topics about the effects of smoking on people and the environment. CDC reports about 42 million US adults were cigarette smokers in 2012. This is eighteen percent of all adults. This is about one in every five people. Nationwide, fourteen percent of high school students were smoking cigarettes in 2012. Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States. Each year about 480,000 people will die due to tobacco related illnesses. Smoking cigarettes kills more Americans than alcohol, car accidents, suicide, AIDS, homicide, and illegal drugs combined. Smokers not only risk their lives, but the lives of others who inhale the smoke. The harmful side effects of secondhand smoke are more dangerous than those directly from the cigarette. People smoke for different reasons, such as wanting to produce a sense of wellbeing, to boost their mood, and to improve short term concentration. Until recently, smoking was considered a typical routine, and there were many advertisements for smoking in the newspaper, television, and other mass media. Cigarettes should be banned not only because they are harmful to the smoker, but they are also dangerous to the innocent people who chose not to smoke them. If cigarettes were taken off the market completely, millions of lives would be improved or saved.
According to a recent survey, forty five percent of Americans would…

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