The Effects Of Sleep On Body Healthy And Happy Essay

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Sleep plays an important part in keeping the human body healthy and happy. Understanding the amount of sleep people need, what regulates the amount of sleep a person gets, and how sleep affects a person 's health, is very important to the human body. Most people do not know the amount of sleep needed at night. Although each person is different, there are general amounts of sleep needed for infants, teenagers, adults, and women who are pregnant. Studies show that Infants need an average of 16 hours per day of sleep (NINDS). During the infant stage, the human brain is still forming. When asleep, the brain expands upon the knowledge the infant already knows to make the knowledge into a memory, such as touch. For teenagers, sleep is a little different. On average, teenagers need approximately nine hours of sleep per night (NINDS). As a teenager, the brain takes every bit of information that was learned throughout the day and organises the information and stores it. When adulthood comes along, the brain needs about 7 to 8 hours of sleep for most adults. As you age, the less sleep the brain needs to function properly the next day(NINDS). When asleep at night, the brain passes through 5 different phases of sleep. After a person falls asleep at night, a 4 phase cycle of sleep begins in the brain. Stage 1, which is light sleep where a person drifts in and out of sleep, can be awaken easily. The muscles in your body slowly stop working, your eyes slowly move around until they…

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