The Effects Of Recycling On The Environment Of North America Essay

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In this essay I will be discussing my research findings on the positive impact recycling has on the environment of North America. . Recycling has always been advocated in various ads in television, schools, and posters all over North America. Recycling is the process of collecting things that would usually be garbage and converting them it into reusable material. Recyclable material can be found in things we buy everyday such as a soda can, plastic container, newspaper, etc. The quantity of the recyclable material varies depending on what type of country you are in and the garbage produced in that country. North America is a very urbanized country with a lot of manufactures that produce recyclable materials leading it to have one of the greatest garbage productions in the world. This means that recycling has the one of the biggest impacts in North America, which is why I chose to focus on this particular part of the world. The main impact that recycling has on the environment in North America is to reduce the size of landfill that is produced by reusing metals, plastics, paper, and other materials that are able to be recycled and reused. Recycling is not just beneficial to today’s environment but also beneficial to the future of North America and the people that live there. The effectiveness of recycling is dependent on how much recycling is done the more the better effect.

North America produces more garbage than any other place in the world particularly in the two…

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