The Effects Of Recall And Recognition On Different Experiments

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The Effects of Recall and Recognition in Different Experiments
The purpose of this study was to determine recall and recognition amongst different types of people. The differentiation between these people included age, gender, timing, and many other characteristics that may or may not affect the memory of a person or persons. Recall is simply defined as bringing a thought or idea that has been learned previously back to the remembrance of a person. Recognition is being able to recognize what has been previously remembered. There were many experiments conducted to evaluate the cause of recall and recognition and how it is relevant amongst several of people.
Experimenters, May and Hutt (1974) wanted to determine recall and recognition of words with sex differences. They wanted to know if boys or girls learned better through visual or auditory presentations. To test recall and recognition May and Hutt tested fifth grade children and divided them up by boys and girls, thirty boys and thirty girls. They then placed each group of thirty into two separate classrooms. The rooms did not affect how they were going to be tested. One classroom received auditory presentation of words, and the other classroom received visual presentation of words. When the last word was presented, the test recall, the subjects were given a blank sheet of paper that asked them to “Print all the words that you heard or saw.” To test recognition, the subjects were given a paper with different…

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