The Effects Of Random Drug Testing On High School Students Essay

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Healthy Environments in High Schools
High school is an important time for students to grow as individuals. There are many opportunities available for students to be involved in their high school and their community. For example, students can volunteer at school functions, at local community functions, and at their church. Students can also participate in athletics and student organizations. School originations promote positive and good behavior that help lead to a positive high school experience. There are also many ways that can lead to a negative high school experience, such as bullying, drama, and the use of illegal drugs. The use of illegal drugs during this time can have damaging effects for the rest of students’ lives. Not only are drugs illegal and harmful to the human body, they also detract student’s focus on both their classes and their studies. Many professional studies have been conducted to research the effect of random drug testing on high school students. These studies have proven that random drug testing reduces the number of students involved in illegal drug use. All of the high schools throughout the United States should implement legal random drug tests on all of their students to create positive healthy learning environments.
In 2002, the United States government determined that random drug testing in schools is constitutional (Walters, John and Boyd Graham 1). This law states that all students who participate in competitive extracurricular activities can…

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