The Effects Of Raising Children On Children Essay

714 Words Nov 10th, 2016 3 Pages
In the past few decades, raising children had become more convenient, whilst the expenditure on education, health and entertainment for the children is being more expensive. With the development of economy, there are growing number of parents look forward to provide the best property for the next generation, such as the best babysit, exclusive education and the most comfortable environment during the kids rise. All types of investments in raising children are becoming the heavy encumbrance impeded the young parents. Some parts of couples were going to delay having kids in case of the raising pressure. It is strongly argued that older parents have more advantages due to the better financial capability, more society experience and healthier children for the medical condition.
First of all, the older mothers have more stable society status, which means the fixed career and family relationship to raise their children. Compared with the young parents, the pregnancy are higher over 35 would have less financial pressure, and would like to devote more money into the education and health of the next generation. For example, the young couples as the abecedarian of career usually have dreadful pressure with the terrible income; they cannot input more emotion and physical energy to take well care of their children, and the pressure of the raising children also endanger the relationship of young parents. Whilst the middle aged women and men had been experienced more difficulties from…

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