The Effects Of Racial Microaggressions On College Students ' Self Esteem

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In the article, The Adverse Impact of Racial Microaggressions on College Students’ Self-Esteem the authors, Kevin L. Nadal, Yinglee Wong, Katie E. Griffin, Kristin Davidoff, and Julie Sriken studied micro aggression behaviors and their effects on African- Americans, Asian Americans, Latino/as, multiracial, and European Americans self- esteem. It was hypothesized that African Americans were the racial group that would most likely be targeted due to their past with slavery and fight for equal treatment. Throughout the study, the authors were proven to be correct. The study substantiated enough content to demonstrate that African- Americans are more likely to be victims to micro aggression behaviors and consequently lower their self-esteem. Also, in their findings, it was concluded that European American’s were the racial group to least likely experience a form of racism.
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