The Effects Of Public Health On The Air Essay

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The public health has been negatively affected by the bad pollutants in the air. With so many diseases and health problems that are caused by this, the population has been greatly affected. These health effects include death, respiratory, asthma, and cardiovascular problems (Davis, 2012). This has been happening for a while and with all of the harmful pollutants in the air, many more health problems have been occurring in people. According to a study, median annual levels that were found in the air were the following: CO was 43%, COH was 37%, and NO2 was 54% (Davis, 2012). This study shows that the levels are higher than they are supposed to be and this can lead to some serious consequences. This is very concerning because this means that the public is breathing those pollutants and they are the reason for the cause of some of the heath issues. People are not aware of the dangers of polluted air and they continue their everyday activities. They do not know that car emissions and factory emissions are dangerous to their health. Depending on where they work, they can be at risk of harming their health. Those who already suffer from respiratory problems are the ones who are affected the most. People with asthma are more at risk of harming their health because the toxins in the air can cause their illness to become worse (Brunekreef, 2010). This is true because people with asthma have weak lungs and those toxins just make their condition worse. It is important that people are…

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