Informative Speech: An Outline Of Global Warming

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Title: Global Warming
Purpose Statement: To inform my audience about how global warming is impacting the earth.
Central Idea: With the average temperature of the earth rising more than 1.1 to 1.6 degrees Fahrenheit since between 1906 and 2005, the planet’s animals, our weather, and our future is in great danger (Riebeek, H).
All throughout history, Earth’s temperature has changed over and over again due to natural reasons. Small shifts in Earth’s orbit would cause it to either warm or cool and the Sun’s energy would vary, causing changes in temperature. Today, unfortunately, Earth’s climate is being changed by the greenhouse effect, causing a problem created by humans, called global warming. According to the American Heritage Dictionary,
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Devastating tropical storms and hurricanes are becoming more common as ocean temperatures rise. Global warming will also mean more heat waves and fewer cold days for many places around the globe. Fire is a healthy part of the ecosystem, but with more extreme dry conditions in some parts of the world, there is much higher chance of extreme wildfires occurring. These extreme wildfires cause a huge threat to wildlife. Animals that are living in an area impacted by a wildfire have a small chance of escaping. If they do, there habitat is destroyed and they go through a lot of stress trying to …show more content…
This change in the time of plant growth directly affects animals. Animals that migrate need to find food earlier and pollinators are starting to become out a synch with flowering trees and plants. This mismatch limits the amount of time for both to survive and reproduce, limiting food availability throughout the food chain. One specific animal that has been a concern for many scientist is the polar bear. Because much of the sea ice has melted, adult polar bears and their cubs need to swim longer distances, sometimes more than 12 days at a time, to find stable sea ice now. Impacting People: There are many reasons why global warming is already impacting humans. Extreme heat is one impact that most scientists are already starting to notice and are most concerned about. The high temperatures and high humidity that many humans are experiencing can be a killer if these hot days last for days in a row.
Sunlight, warm air, and pollution power plants and cars also combined to make something that many humans are concerned about; smog. This smog, also known as round-level ozone decreases air quality, making it hard for people to breath. People who already have heart and respiratory diseases are especially in danger when it comes to

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