The Effects Of Pollution On The Air Pollution Essays

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Once upon a time, there lived a small little bird in the city name Tiny. She loved the blue and pretty sky this beautiful city had. But one day, people in this city started building strange buildings, having pipes on top that make gray clouds, and carriages without horses with a tail that also makes clouds. At first, Tiny loved the clouds. But as the time went on, more and more buildings started making ugly gray clouds. Tiny could barely saw anything when she flew, all she could see was a dark, gray, spooky city covered by the yucky smelling clouds. She missed the beautiful blue sky… Just as Tiny experienced the harmful effects of pollution, pollution not only affects people, but also affects animals, plants, and the nature. As technology grow day by day, more types of pollution start to appear in each country, such as sound pollution, air pollution, water pollution, and so on. However the most famous pollution is the air pollution in Beijing created from the factory, cars, and by people’s daily life. To begin with, the main reason that causes air pollution is the pollutants made by factories near Beijing. Industrial pollution has always been a problem for the world. When making commercial goods, a factory creates garbage, dusts, and gases that badly affect the air. The dusts that comes out of the factory floats in the air and gets into humans and animals bodies when they breath, which could cause cancer. Also, the gases made by the factory pollute the air terribly.…

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