Essay about The Effects Of Playing Tennis On High School

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The Effects of Playing Tennis in High School In high school there are several sports and activities to choose from. At my high school not many girls chose to play tennis, but that didn’t stop me. I played on the varsity team from freshman year to senior year, winning the conference championship two years in a row and placed fourth in the sectional tournament. Although it brought me success, it seriously changed my life in countless ways. Playing tennis gave me confidence; it brought me to Lewis and Clark and gave me lifelong friends. I’m not naturally a social butterfly and before high school it was extremely difficult for me to talk to people I didn’t know and often times I found myself uncomfortable in my own skin. As a freshman, I was a little awkward and initially the senior girls made me uncomfortable. However, soon they pushed me into becoming comfortable around them and they never made me feel awkward or peculiar. One circumstance was the beginning of the season sleep over. When everyone began talking about it at practice, I felt anxious when I thought about going, but eventually this girl on the team told me I needed to. So I went. At the party, everyone was extremely talkative and I actually had much more fun than anticipated. Also, the interaction I had with coaches and parents helped me with speaking to teachers at school and customers at my job. My successes in playing tennis also helped me with my confidence. Junior year, my sister and I qualified for the…

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