The Effects Of Physical Health On Mental Health Essay

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“Genetics, environment and lifestyle combine to influence whether someone develops a mental health condition,” (“Mental Health and Conditions”). Many of those who suffer from mental health often find it difficult when facing obstacles in society such as employment, family, and the community. Pollution, natural disasters, and synthetic chemicals are all suffocating our bodies at an increasing rate, leaving a struggle with mental health. Physical health is another impact on one’s mental well-being. The mental health of one person is consistently connected to one’s experiences (“Improving Emotional Health”). Lifestyle does affect one’s mental health because of their social, environmental, and physical choices.
The social ways of a person can alter their mental health. People who have certain backgrounds and social situations have more of a risk of experiencing mental health issues. Exclusion from social occasions, or society in general, can have long term effects on an individual (“Social Influences and Mental Health”). Other causes of social issues includes employment. An employed person has a great amount of stress put on them to achieve their job responsibilities and to also possess the characteristics of a good employee. Some members of society withdraw from an occupation to help another. According to Counselling Directory’s article, poverty, mental illness, and exclusion from society can be the cause of leaving a paid job to care for someone. “Not having a job and caring…

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