The Effects Of Parenting Styles On Children Essays

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Effects of parenting
Many people have their own way of parenting. Some may be strict, and some may not. The way someone parents their children should not have an effect on the children, but it does. Parents are not aware of the effect they have on children until something severe happens. There are different types of parenting styles: controlling, permissive (cool parents), enmeshed (your life is my life), neglectful, and balanced. Parents should not be so strict on kids or set high standards for them because it can have lots of negative effects in a child’s life.
Different parenting styles can have a different effect on children. Controlling parents tend to be very hard on their children. A study showed that parents who are controlling and show little affection have kids who had a decrease in their external behavior problems (Aunola and Nurmi 1154). They have to succeed the way their parents want them to. They have to get good grades, finish school, and go to college to be successful in a major that their parents think is good enough for them. The children tend to succeed, however, they may end up being depressed. Controlling parents like to have control over their children’s social lives by limiting contact with their friends, lecturing them, determining what is okay for them to wear, hairstyles, activities, and sometimes emotion (Carlson 27). These types of parents can be very hard to get through to about their parenting styles. It can be tough trying to get them to see…

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