Healthy Family System Research Paper

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Introduction A family system can be described as a social or biological make up of people related by a blood or interdependent relationships. A family can be a mother, father and children or a brother, uncles, aunts and extended relatives. In this essay, we will take a further look at the relationship between a family system and healthy development and unhealthy consequences of a family system as it relates to development. The determining factors that can help shape a healthy family system will be discussed. How can one discern a healthy family system, and what are the affects of physical, social, spiritual, and emotional development on a healthy family system will be explored.

Relationship between Family System and Healthy Development The relationship between a
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In an unhealthy environment, a child becomes dysfunctional, if a parent lacks communication skills, understanding and not engaging in activities with their child. A parent can actually become jealous of their child. When children become of age, self-esteem, self-discipline, and self-love are lacking (Dysfunctional Patterns, 2007). Because of their unhealthy environment, children often become anxious, angry and depressed. When a child enters adolescence, because of neglectful parents, that child may become pregnant or run away from home as a result of their own parents’ choices. A child can grow up to have a love-hate relationship with family members and significant others and become bullies or offenders (Dysfunctional Patterns, 2007).They can also partake in drugs, alcohol, and other substances when feeling like the parents do not care about them (Dysfunctional Patterns, 2007).In relationships, when children become adults they can be sensitive, emotionally unattached and possess personality

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