The Effects Of Oakmont Acres Worksite On A Healthy Worksite Environment

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This report summarizes the results from first-year evaluation program created for Oakmont Acres Worksite in Redwood Shores, California. In the first year, the program planned on promoting a physical activity, health program for their employees. A three month health program was developed (Sharma & Petosa, 2012). Thirty employees are randomly selected to participate in the program. Participates in the program will complete pre- and post-test questions based on their, physical activity knowledge, self-efficacy, self- regulation and activity minute. The data from these tests will provide a set of evidence-based conclusions regarding the effectiveness of the program. The report will be reviewed by five Oakmont Acres Worksite upper-level managers to determine whether to expand or eliminate the program. The purpose of this impact evaluation is to evaluate, if the program improved participants amount of physical activity and knowledge about the importance of being physically active (Sharma & Petosa, 2012). The worksite is trying to promote a healthy worksite environment. The goal of this program, is to increase physical exercise at this worksite.
Evaluation Design and Instrumentation
For this evaluation, a pretest and posttest single group design was selected (Sharma & Petosa, 2012). The instruments selected for this evaluation were instruments developed and authorized by Oakmont Acres research and health education program. The sample size for this health education…

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