The Effects Of Nonverbal Communication On Employees ' Interpersonal Relationships

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The workplace is a setting filled with verbal and nonverbal communication. Verbal communication can consist of creating a set business plan for the future to asking a colleague if they want to have lunch. Embedded in verbal communication is nonverbal communication. Nonverbal communication is an important and innate quality that affects how we feel while also expressing it. Exploring the impact of nonverbal communication is important in the research field as well as business because by exploring a productive way of communicating between supervisors and employees, businesses can run better such that there will be less conflict and confusion. However, discussing business is not the only thing that can occur during communication. Rather, friendships and interpersonal relationships can form. A study by Harmer and Findlay (2005) suggests that the quality of employee and supervisor relationships significantly impact the perceived satisfaction of one’s job. Thus, this literature review looks at how nonverbal communication impacts employees’ interpersonal relationships in the workplace and their perception of their supervisors.
A major trend in the research that will be discussed is how positive perception of nonverbal communication can promote a healthy workplace relationship between employees and other employees and employees and supervisors. Studies that looked at haptics utilized surveys such that the researchers were able to control for varying degrees of intensity…

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