The Effects Of Nba Players On College Essay

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Over the years, statistics have shown that NBA players who go to college tend to avoid bankruptcy just as frequently as those who go straight to the NBA from high school. [MC(1)] Along with this, findings also show that players should have to go through at least two years of college. The reasoning behind this is so that the players are intelligent enough to take care of their money. These two years of college could perhaps allow these athletes to make smart, sound choices with their life and money, in order to better themselves for the future.[MC(2] Unless they are truly gifted, can make an NBA team better without having to go to college, and are friends with people who can help them take care of their money and keep them away from all of the bad things that come along with being a star/well-known athlete, it is likely that these athlete’s financial status will decline. [MC(3] [MC(4] These young men need to put themselves in a good position for the future, so that they can have nice, financially secure lives once their NBA careers are over. All in all, high school athletes should be required to go to college for a minimum of two years, in order to increase maturity and benefit them long after their playing days are over.
The debate on how long NBA prospects should have to wait before going into the NBA has continued to linger on from the start of the league. At this moment in time, the NBA has enforced the rule in which players entering the draft must be at least 19 years…

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