The Effects Of Media Violence On Children Essay

1064 Words Dec 15th, 2014 5 Pages
In the case of violence in media, the amount of violence needs to be regulated among age groups as today many young children are able to witness inappropriate content throughout all forms of media.
This display of violence in activities that children participate in everyday can have a negative effect on them. Young children often do copy what they see and they are most at risk when it comes to this over exposure of violence. More than ever before our youth is exposed to large amounts of violence from all sources of media: video games, television shows, movies, and basically anything else children can get their hands on.
The days of easily hiding violence from kids is over. We live in the twenty first century and violence is. Our young children can now look up just about anything on the internet and either watch or read about something that is rather mature for them. TV shows that feature the news predominantly focus on violence, war, or anything of that nature. Whenever there is fighting and killing going on in the world, the news is always going to be there to cover it. No matter what time the news is on it is always going to be present. The best strategy here for the safety and prevention of children from witnessing something is to make sure the more graphic content at night and more of the lighter stuff during the evening.
One of the major sources of easily accessible violence is the website YouTube. Most often YouTube will ask that you are eighteen to allow access to…

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