The Effects Of Media Violence On Children Essay

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In response to the growing amount of violence displayed on television, researcher George Gerbner coined the term “mean world syndrome” to describe the psychological effect violent media had on consumers. He believed that constant exposure to these images would cause people to become “more susceptible to deceptively simple, strong, tough measures and hardline postures” and “may accept and even welcome repression” [Hanson]. While television is the most accused broadcaster of these messages, almost every form of media perpetuates violent messages and images in some shape or form. While these messages are not necessarily harmful at first glance, consistent exposure to these images from an early age may be detrimental to a person’s perception of violence later in life. The exposure of violence, both in fictional narratives and in journalistic reports of violence, have a negative effect on children. Research conducted by the Association of Psychological Science links violent media with aggressive behavior. Their studies show that violence in platforms such as television and video games not only increase the chances of precipitating violence, but also cause desensitization to future acts of violence [Anderson]. While external factors such as home life and mental stability can also play a role in this, the largest factor in determining the effect it has on children is the amount of time the child is exposed to the medium. Studies show that around 42% of children under the age of…

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